La tournée ''Dancing in the Light''


Beanfield Theatre

lundi 13 novembre 2023

Portes: 19h00 // Spectacle: 20h00

Ce spectacle est annulé
Les clients ayant acheté leurs billets sur l’internet ou téléphone recevront automatiquement un remboursement sur la carte de crédit utilisée pour faire l’achat. 

Veuillez noter que les remboursements peuvent prendre jusqu’à trente (30) jours ouvrables, selon les délais de traitement de l’institution financière

from the artist:
Im totally gutted to even be typing this, but a recent shift in events has occurred in my life. A trial in the lawsuit brought by Signature Entertainment against the boys and me had been scheduled to start on September 11 but was recently postponed to October 16th. Even though the Federal judge in my bankruptcy case has set me free to pursue my solo career, I am being called as a witness in advocacy for my band mates in this trial and my attendance is mandatory. My team and I planned my second North American tour around the 3 week trial under the assumption that it would proceed on time, but unfortunately, we are now forced to cancel the Dancing In The Light tour. This is devastating for me because performing my music live for you is my favorite thing to do in the world, and every fiber of my being dreads the thought of ever letting you all down this much, but this trial is unavoidable for me. Jack, Zach, Jonah, and Corbyn are my family and I hope you can understand. I will miss you so so so much but I promise to see everyone in 2024 for my debut album and world tour.
Daniel Seavey